Being The Mom God Wants Me To Be

Today we will have the privilege of hearing from, my friend, Starla  ( on the “joy” of “Being the Mom God Wants Her to Be.”


Philippians 4_6-7 2


I’m so tired,” I state out loud as I walk down the hall to my baby’s room for the 4th time tonight.  Seriously, she is clean, fed, and has her favourite teddy so why won’t she sleep? I miss sleep, I used to get so much of it, we had a really good relationship. Sadly, we are no longer seeing each other.


New to the stay-at-home parent world I find my self getting overwhelmed by the demands of being at home.  When you add caring for a baby, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, running errands and sleep deprivation you have one frazzled, tired and discouraged momma. 


I used to love getting dressed up everyday for work; wearing skirts, heels and a nice blouse. I did my hair and make-up and accessorized my outfits perfectly.  Even my gym clothes were nice and kept in good shape (pun intended). But now, as I do another load of laundry (in an old pair of jeans and a messy bun in my hair) I think to myself that this family has way to much clothing.  How do we accumulate so many loads of laundry in just a few days?  Oh wait, it may be due to spit-up, the baby super poop (yep I said poop in my blog), constant cleaning (oh the cleaning!), playing outside and all the other tasks I never used to do in my nice dress clothes.


My husband used to cook all the meals since he was home before I was.  His meals were nutritious, tasty and pleasant to the eye. Mine…not so much.  Let’s just say when the gift of cooking was handed out I was in the bathroom.


Sure, there are times when I feel like I can’t do this stay-at-home mom thing.  The demands of the job (and it is definitely a job) seem to be never ending and I feel like I failed my family.  And yes, I do sometimes miss going to the office, going out for coffee whenever I want with friends, sleeping the whole night through and feeling on top of my game I would not change where I am at in my life.


As I spend time in prayer, reading my Bible and seeking God’s plan for my life I know I am where I am supposed to be.  It really is a privilege to be at home with my daughter, watching her grow and learn.  I wouldn’t miss this time for anything.  These are moments I won’t ever get back.


While I am still learning (and have a long way to go) each day gets a little easier.  Those tasks that were overwhelming are now a part of my daily routine and are becoming habit.  With the comfort, encouragement and guidance of my Heavenly Father I press on knowing that I can indeed do this. 


As long as I have a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus I can be the mom God has designed me to be.




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