Salvation Contains 3 Different Phases

We know that we must be saved to be given the armor of God. So why is God giving us a helmet of salvation? The only answer that makes sense is that salvation must be made up of different phases. Guess what?  It is actually made up of three different phases.


Today we will take a look at the 3 different phases of salvation.



Let’s See What Scripture Has to Say


Salvation does in deed consist of 3 phases: justification, sanctification,and glorification.


The helmet goes on the head so we must be concerned with the part of salvation that deals with our souls – “I want,” “I think,” “I feel.”  Or put in simpler terms our behavior matters. How we live our life after accepting Jesus as our Savior matters. How we live our lives after being justified (made right with God – our spirit is changed) and before we are glorified (receive our new bodies) matters.


The 3 Different Phases.



We obviously can’t be talking about justification because that is done for us by Jesus. This happened the moment that we accepted God the Father’s offer to receive the payment Jesus made on our behalf for our sins. Once we accepted this payment, we became the righteousness of God in Jesus. Our sin penalty was payed and our eternal security was achieved. We became a new creation (1 Corinthians 5:17), a child of God.



As a child of God we are able to receive the armor of God.



We also can’t be talking about glorification. This is also done by God. 1 Corinthians 15 lets us know that this change will occur for us when Christ returns. Sin will now be completely absent and we will be perfect. What a glorious day that will be.  


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We must be talking about sanctification. When the Father drew us to Jesus and we accepted Jesus our spirit was immediately changed and we became a child of God. We also know that when Christ returns we will see Him as He is in His glorified state because we will have our new bodies.


Sanctification is the process of changing our souls one decision at a time. This is where we get to work with the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the mind of Christ. We already have the mind of Christ in us because we were saved. Just like we have muscles when we are born, but they will not build (become stronger) unless we exercise them. The same with our character. It must be developed by how we respond to all the trials, tests and good times that happen in our lives. Do we respond in a godly manner or do we respond from our old human nature? God is all about choice.


Sanctification will be seen by others through our behavior. This is where we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). This is where we bring into captivity every thought that is against Jesus (2 Corinthians 10:4-5); this is where we have our minds transformed by the washing of God’s Word (Romans 12:1-2).





[Based on the teachings of Chuck Missler]


  • past tense
  • I am saved
  • I am separated from the penalty of sin
  • the change occurs in our spirit
  • After accepting what Jesus did for us on the cross we are declared righteous in Him.
  • We have passed from being separated from God to being united with Him.
  • We become a child of God.
  • Our eternal security is sure.



  • present tense
  • I am being saved
  • I am being separated from the power of sin
  • Happens in our soul (I want, I think, I feel.)
  • I am developing the character of Christ in my actions
  • His thoughts our becoming our thoughts, His love is becoming our love, etc.
  • This is where we learn to be over comers and bear fruit.
  • Our behavior matters.



  • future tense
  • I will be saved
  • I am separated from the presence of sin
  • Happens to our bodies
  • We receive our new bodies  when Christ returns.
  • I am perfect.


The helmet of salvation has to do with guarding our lives by the renewing of our minds. It’s about learning who Jesus is and how He lived His life so we can become just like Him.

The helmet of salvation deals with our “being saved” part of salvation known as sanctification. Being saved does not mean that we are on our own – this is where the Holy Spirit comes in to guide us into the fullness of Jesus’ character.



We exercise the renewing of our minds by praying and asking God for His help and by studying His Word and applying it to our lives.


What scriptures are you asking God to help you apply in your life?


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