4 Things I like about Taylor Swift’s song/video Bad Blood

Bad Blood

Taylor Swift has done it again! She has come out with an incredible song that shows us one way to  deal with a difficult situation.

This video inspired me. Why? Maybe it was the cool sci-fi vibe or the fact that it deals with a difficult situation or possibly a bit of both.


Difficult Situation

Betrayal really hurts. Arsyn (played by Selena Gomez) decides its time that she has all the reward in the briefcase so she blows blush into Catastrophe’s (played by Taylor Swift) face and kicks her through a window.  She falls several stories lands on a car and lives.

How will Catastrophe deal with this betrayal?


Here are 4 points that I snagged from Bad Blood.

  1. You can share a difficult situation from your life without running anyone down. Is this just a song for a fun video? Is it a song to help her fans be strong when they are facing betrayal? Or, is she dealing with a betrayal from a friend in her own life?
  2. We’ve been betrayed, but we do not have to stay down in the mud (or on the car top) we can get up and decide how we will deal with the situation.
  3. Sometimes we need to surround ourselves with a community of friends who will encourage and support us . In the video Taylor has a lot of friends play different characters – some who are  on Catastrophe’s side helping her be strong. And, others who are on Arsyn’s side supporting her.
  4. I appreciated the quick ending, because we are left wondering where does it go from this facedown?  — Does Arsyn ever make an honest apology?  —  If she does will Catastrophe be able to accept it and trust her again?

The decision at the end of the video is that the cut is too deep and they won’t be able to be friends again.

What are some of the way that you have dealt with betrayal?




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