A “Psalm” by Evelyn (A Thankful Heart)

I took the challenge of writing a “Psalm” from “David choose His Character” and here it is:


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Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

Abba, You looked down at my life and chose a date for me to know beyond any doubt that I needed You to be the center of my life.

You opened the eyes of my heart, soul and mind so I could see how desperately I need Jesus. This wonderful revelation from You, showed me that I was living a life that was nothing like Yours.

Titus tells us that You cannot lie but I was, Exodus adds even more things like stealing, cheating, murder (which includes calling people horrible names), using Your name as a filler in sentences, etc. and these I broke as well. I was a sinner, who needed your help to humble herself before a Savior who loved me (us) so much that He chose to take the penalty of those sins upon Himself so I could be set free to have a right relationship with You.

Father God, you lead me to repent, and ask for forgiveness for living a lifestyle that put Jesus on the cross. And You forgave me, You adopted me, You moved into my heart and You started to transform the way I thought, talked and acted.

Thank You. Abba, I need You to keep my heart humbled so the Holy Spirit can live Your ways through me. So I can show Your love, Your kindness, Your generosity, etc. to others so they will also want to know You.

Abba I cannot even pretend to understand why You love me (us) so much. Jesus, I will never understand the depth of Your love that You would come and live a human life, like mine, and then become my sin substitute through such a horrible death – but thank You. Thank you that You rose again so I could see that I have been forgiven and have eternal life just like You

Thank You. I am a heart that has been changed by You. Abba, I receive that love and ask You to let it invade my life in such a way that I will love You first and foremost and then I will love others (including my enemies). Also, I need to ask you to help me love myself properly because I do need to pray, study your word, watch my health and have proper boundaries in my life. Let today be a new day of restoration, refreshing and walking forward in zeal. I am Your servant Lord, show me how I can represent You well in the lives of others.

Since I fall back into sin, time and time again, I thank You for repentance which allows me to ask for forgiveness again, and the ability to walk differently in the future

Thank You God that Your ways are indeed different than mine – I would have given up on me, a long time ago, but You exercise such patience, gentleness and kindness towards me

Thank You that I can trust You fully, there is absolutely nothing that can come my way that You are unable to help me handle. Thank You for answered prayers. I have had so many answered up to this point and I expect based on Who You are to have many more answered

Abba You want only the best for me, help me to stop struggling on my own and against You – so I can realize, walk in and enjoy that purposeful life

Abba this is my Psalm to You. Thank You for the example of king David who never let Saul’s hatred towards you cause him to become the same – because he truly trusted and relied on. Thank You that we get to see from David’s Psalms that he always had intentional time with you daily. Help me to stay committed and intentional in my relationship with You.

May I continue to be faithfully yours all the days of my life

May I trust You fully, at all times, in the good, the tests, the trials and always ask You, “God what should I do?

May I share, with boldness, the hope that You have put in my heart with everyone

Thank You for all the privileges You have bestowed upon me

Abba this is a new day full of new opportunities I will rejoice in You.



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