ABC Challenge Accepted

ABC Challenge Accepted

An “ABC” or “Alphabet Soup” post idea was suggested by the “Daily Post.”  This was to be an exercise to help us come up with an entry for our blog in a short amount of time.  This idea was great and could take you in many different directions. Here is how I chose to use this “ABC” method to write a post.


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The Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:“Alphabet Soup.”


Always be content.  By being careful and not careless.




Don’t exclude the facts when making decisions.




Place your faith and hope in God.  And, trust Jesus to see you through every circumstance.


Include kindness and love in all you do.




Let your motives be noble, optimistic, and pure.



This way you will pave quality into the road of your life.



Share your thankfulness with everyone.



Be uniquely who you were created to be. Add value into the lives of others. Wait patiently, allowing yourself and others to change and be more.




When the x-ray of your life is taken, may you be pleased with the results.


With great zeal, yield the reigns of your life to Jesus. So you can become the person you were meant to be.




I really enjoyed taking up this ABC challenge.



What would you write if you were to take up the “ABC – Alphabet Soup”  challenge?

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