We Can Do All Things

 Philippians 4_13 2

. It’s amazing the power that is contained within this one verse.

. How many of us use it as a positive mantra to brighten up an otherwise negative day, week or month – instead of as a life style which is to be accepted when offered to us by Father God, embraced by accepting what Jesus has done for us and lived out by allowing the Holy Spirit to change us.

. I have been such a person – I have gotten caught up in all of this positive vs negative speaking business to the point where I lived as though I believed that the positive speaking itself would change my life. We even have neuroscientist who show us how our brain physically can be changed by changing the way we think and talk. Thank you God for giving us this physical manifestation of what You would like to see happen in our total life. However, I personally need to be more than just how I think and talk. I need to be Jesus infused and Jesus driven in who I am which includes my positive thinking and talking. Do not be fooled – it’s amazing how easy it is to switch from living truth to living from falseness without blinking an eyelash.

. My question to myself and others is – what is the true motivation behind our positive talking and thinking – is it something that we feel appeases our relationship with God and humans or is it a Christ centered life style?

. Am I positive because Christ has made such a difference in my life that I cannot help myself – that I even count it all joy when I go through trials because I know that Jesus is working all this out for my good because I trust in Him – or am I positive because the world tells me I should be and doing so can help me to improve my own life on my own.

. Let’s not be fooled by the sugar-coated alternative and let’s make sure that we have indeed accepted Christ as our Saviour and our Lord and that we want to live the fullest life offered to us by Our Heavenly Father whom deeply loves us.


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