Learning to Exercise Contentment

Contentment Lesson Exercised



Contentment is something we all need to exercise in our lives. We need to learn how to be happy whether we have plenty or are in need.”


Contentment is something we all need to exercise in our lives. We need to learn how to be happy whether we have plenty or are in need.” Click To Tweet


Since words contain power – we should be very careful with what we say (and what we teach). Right.


Last week I wrote how thankfulness and contentment are choices.


Guess what? I found myself in need of exercising my own words.


Practicing Words I Taught


It was a nice Monday evening, so I decided to put my recycle at the end of the lane.


I wanted to have a head start on my to-do-list for the next morning.


Back in the house I was enjoying myself, playing a little game when all of a sudden I hear the wind blowing like a fan on super high.


I ran downstairs and looked out the window and guess what I saw?

Plastic recycle flying, and landing all over my front lawn.


Quickly, I ran outside and started picking up the plastic to put back into the recycle box – which I planned to bring into the garage until the next morning.


I am sure you can guess what happened.


Just as I put the plastic in the bin another gust of wind grabs it and flings it across my front lawn again.


As you can imagine, I was not very happy about what just happened, right.


Well, God knew and He chose that moment to remind me of last week’s post and the scripture above. And, I found myself with a choice to make. I can complain or I can be exercise contentment.


My Choice


Well I chose to be thankful and exercise contentment. However, the tone of my voice begins along the tone of anger (boldly) and slowly because of the words I am speaking out loud becomes softer, with a thankful tone – I am so thankful that I can bring my garbage out to the end of the lane.” “I’m so thankful, I can bring my garbage back into the garage.” “I’m so thankful, I can run all around the yard picking up blowing plastic.”


Now with all the garbage and recycle safe in the garage for the night, I return into the house and mention this event to my Son (oh, I forgot to mention that I looked at my neighbor’s recycle and none of it had blown out of his bin). I say, can you believe that my recycle flew all over the front yard and the wind did nothing to the neighbor’s. And he replied, “It was your test, Mom.” Got to love the sensitivity of your children. Actually, we both laughed because we knew he was right.


God doesn’t just give messages to those who share them for those we share them with, God gives us these messages so we can learn from them as well and grow together with you.


My lesson was to exercise contentment and be thankful.



Dear God, May you bless each one of us with the patience and endurance that we need to grow in thankfulness and contentment. May you bless us with the ability to be convicted rather than condemned when the tests come so we will grow to become more like our wonderful Lord and Savior. In Jesus name, amen.

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