The Daily Faith Creators Summit 2021

As you can see I have the privilege of speaking with these wonderful ladies at this years summit. So EXCITED!

Challenge Accepted

The invitation went out for speakers to present at this years Daily Faith Creators Summit 2021.

I had been living behind a wall of fear, which I needed to push through and do something new so I could see different results.

After praying and asking Jesus for the courage that I would need, I waited to see how He would answer.

That is when the email came from Daily Faith – with their need of speakers – that became His challenge for me. It was a real challenge, because there was no excuse that I could come up with not to apply.

To make it even more of a test, Jesus had me see their request in a way, that I KNEW this was MY ANSWER to my prayer.

It felt like Jesus was saying – “I place this challenge before you – are you going to take it?”

You guessed right. Accepting the courage He granted me, I took the leap of faith and applied. FEAR be gone FAITH prevail.

After a few emails back and forth, Kelly McCausey, one of the organizers of this summit chose me.

So now, I have the privilege of being one of the guess speakers at this years summit.

What is the Summit About

The Daily Faith Creators Summit has been organized to be of service to faith based publishers and ministry leaders who need encouragement as they take more of God’s Love, Grace, & Mercy to the world through web publishing.

I would like to invite you to come and share this new experience with me.

Who Is In the Summit

  • Benecia Ponder
  • Shelley Hitz
  • Regina Robinson
  • Ana Willis
  • Chou Hallegra
  • Dr. Renee Sunday
  • And of course yours truly – me – Evelyn de Vlugt

To get more details about this Free upcoming Daily Faith Creators Summit – check out the sign up page.

In Conclusion

I am really looking forward to hearing all of the speakers and what they have to share to help us, as we continue to produce great content for others.

Just as I was challenged to step out from behind my fear – I hope that you will join us for this FREE SUMMIT. And for those who would like to listen to the recordings a second, or third, time etc. there will be an opportunity to pick them up for $10.00.

If you chose to purchase the recordings I will receive a small commission when you use my link – Join Us Here

I would like to encourage any of you who knows that you want to share your content with others to take up this challenge from me – and join us in this free summit so you can experience a new level of becoming your best.

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